Design of the Holocaust Remembrance Exhibit for the Department of Public Information’s Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme.

The project presented numerous design challenges including a pre-existing identity; limited colour palette; a mixture of low-quality historical photos, scanned documents and modern photography; a low-quality poorly designed internet-sourced map; and above all the need to be “appropriate” to a highly sensitive subject matter.

To unify the disparate content, a minimalist design direction was chosen with a mixture of modern and classic elements, such as you would expect to find in an actual physical memorial, while the historical and modern photography and documents were brought together with a sepia colour tone.

The final challenge, the low-quality poorly designed internet-sourced map, was solved by recreating the map by hand.

The exhibit proved highly successful, with over 60 UN offices around the globe choosing to translate it into their respective languages and stage it, while the client provided the feedback that it was their “favourite product so far”.

The Holocaust Remembrance Exhibit won an award in the GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards 2016.

  • John Gillespie has impressed me greatly as a designer in his time at the United Nations. He consistently displays a talented eye for design in his work, and his unique creative insight are a real asset to our organization.

    Ziad Al-Kadri, Team Leader, Graphic Design Unit, DPI, UN

  • John Gillespie has done excellent design work on several of our high-profile campaigns [...]. He has designed not only outstanding digital cards & materials but also banners, print products & even a t-shirt for the Secretary-General, demonstrating his flexibility as a designer. Mr. Gillespie undertook this work on a tight timeline, working nights & weekends over and above his regular workload, proving himself to be a UN team player who will go the extra mile to do the needful.

    Pragati Pascale, Chief, Development Section, DPI, UN

  • The problem is we don't have enough John.

    Peter Dawkins, Chief, Web Services Section, DPI, UN

  • John has gone over and above in both his web services and problem solving over the years we have worked together  He has become an important partner for my business, but most importantly he is a pleasure to work with.

    Michael Pennington, Creative Director, The Penningtons Limited

  • In John we find a rare combination of an exquisite and refined sense of design coupled with deep understanding of technical issues as well as an intuitive ability to divine what the client wants — even if the client is unable to articulate it. The entire development process — from concept to final implementation was not only painless but actually enjoyable. Highly recommended and hopefully he'll be able to help us again if he's not insanely busy as usually happens with excellent consultants.

    Salil Wilson, Director, World Harmony Run