United Nations Website (UN2)

Design and build of the website of the United Nations, UN.org.

Known within the organisation as “UN2”, the project represented a complete design and development overhaul of the UN.org domain into a single Drupal-based instance capable of hosting the Organization’s more than one thousand web properties.

Praised by the United Nations Fifth Committee upon launching in late 2019, UN2 has grown to include over 600 websites, and in March 2020 enabled the UN Coronavirus Response website to be created and deployed in a single day.

Designed in the six official UN languages, and compliant with UN-mandated accessibility guidelines, the website was constructed in Drupal 7, with back-end development assistance from the UN iSeek Web Team.

Front-end development was based on the Bootstrap theme for Drupal, with Sass employed for greater coding efficiency.

Sept 2019
United Nations