UN Holocaust Remembrance Exhibit design by John Gillespie

The Butterfly Project

Design of the The Butterfly Project, a Holocaust remembrance exhibit for the Department of Public Information?s Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme.

The project presented numerous design challenges including a pre-existing identity; predefined colour palette; a mixture of low-quality historical photos, scanned documents and modern photography; a low-quality poorly designed internet-sourced map; and above all the need to be ?appropriate? to a highly sensitive subject matter.

To unify the disparate content, a minimalist design direction was chosen with a mixture of modern and classic elements, such as you would expect to find in an actual physical memorial, while the historical and modern photography and documents were brought together with a sepia colour tone.

The final challenge, the low-quality poorly designed internet-sourced map, was solved by recreating the map by hand.

The exhibit proved highly successful, with over 60 UN offices around the globe choosing to translate it into their respective languages and stage it.

UN World Television Day branding by John Gillespie

UN World Television Day

Branding and collateral design for United Nations World Television Day.

An identity was created and then applied to a multitude of communication products including social media graphics, posters, and fliers.

United Nations Intranet design by John Gillespie

iSeek UN Intranet

Design and UX/UI update for ?iSeek? the United Nations Intranet.

Restrictive creative brief only allowed refinement and problem solving — redesign or redevelopment not possible.

Design was applied to and information hierarchy created for 2nd-level ‘Department’ portal pages, calendar, and taxonomy/listing pages.

International Migration campaign identity by John Gillespie

UN International Migration identity

Identity design concepts for ?International Migration: The Global Compact? United Nations migration campaign.

The campaign was an initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General to promote legal international migration, and was launched at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, 2017.

UN Ocean Conference design by John Gillespie

The Ocean Conference

Branding and collateral for United Nations high-level conference in support of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in relation to the world?s oceans:

The Conference aims to be the game changer that will reverse the decline in the health of our ocean for people, planet and prosperity. It will be solutions-focused with engagement from all.

Collateral designed included posters, social media graphics, pull-up banners, animations, letterhead, and step-and-repeat banners.

The Ocean Conference design won an award in the GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards 2017.

Concept for redesign of UNICEF Intranet by John Gillespie

UNICEF Intranet Redesign

Concept for the redesign of the UNICEF internal intranet website, ICON.

The design was based upon UNICEF?s just relaunched online brand standards, making the intranet consistent with the organization?s public facing website.

The redesign included rebranding, with a forward-looking modern logo designed based upon the iconic UNICEF brand.

A mobile version of the site was also designed.

UN Climate Action campaign design for social media by John Gillespie

UN Climate Action Campaign

Social media graphic and animation design for United Nations campaign in support of the Paris Agreement for Climate Action and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The animation was built in After Effects and then converted to an animated gif for ease of sharing on social media.

Posters designed for UN Holocaust Remembrance Week by John Gillespie

Holocaust Remembrance Week

Poster designs for multiple events organised by the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme commemorating UN Holocaust Remembrance Week.

UN CTED poster design by John Gillespie

UN CTED Posters

Poster designs for meetings of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee & CTED.

Posters conveyed the meeting topics of depriving terrorism financing and preventing exploitation of ICT by terrorists.

The UN Counter-Terrorism Committee ?Stop ICT Terrorism? poster won an award in the GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards 2017.

UN Commission for Social Development design by John Gillespie

UN Commission for Social Development

Design for the UN 55th Commission for Social Development, focusing on ?strategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all?, which took place at UN Headquarters in New York 1-10 February 2017.

The design included an identifier, pull-up banner, and UNHQ gate banner, and was intended to display a visual connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals brand.