Times Square animation for UN Charter Day by John Gillespie

UN Charter Day Animation in Times Square

An animation I created for UN Charter Day was featured on the world famous big screens in the heart of New York City’s Times Square.

The 30-second looping animation was assembled in After Effects, and based upon a simple six-panel brief provided by the United Nations Graphic Design Unit.

As the founding document of the United Nations, the UN Charter enshrines the core values of the Organization including human rights, equality, and the dignity of all people. 

By coincidence, the screening of the animation coincided with the United States Supreme Court decision on June 26, 2015 in support of marriage equality that fostered change around the globe. 

Along with promoting the 70th anniversary of the founding document of the United Nations, the animation served to publicise a new edition of the UN Charter published by the UN Sales and Marketing Section and designed by United Nations designer Lindsey Thoeng.